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There are others, however, who fight a daily battle with anger. They believe that justice must be served. My brother was robbed. Alcoholism heisted the joy out of his life. For two-thirds of his fifty-seven years, he battled the bottle. It cost him his family, finances, and friends. He was not innocent, I get that. He bought the liquor and made the choices. Yet, I am convinced that Satan assigned a special goon squad to tempt him. When they found his weakness, they refused to let up. They took him to the mat and pounded the self-control out of him.

I am looking forward to that moment when I stand next to Dee, our bodies redeemed and souls secure. Together we will see the devil bound and chained and cast into a lake of fire. At that point we will begin to reclaim what the devil took. Let this covenant abate the anger you feel at the hurting world.

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Devastations have wounded every home. Just last week I met with a family whose six-year-old twins were sexually abused by a grandparent. Two nights ago, our neighbors were assaulted and robbed in their own home. One of our church members spent two years in prison for a crime he did not commit. The guilty party went free. He went to jail. When you wonder if wickedness will go unpunished or injustices will go unaddressed, let this promise gratify your desire for justice. God will have the final word. Max, thank you for the words God has placed in your heart. I so agree. God loves you and He wants to redeem the lost of this broken world.

Come to Jesus. Be saved by his shed blood. John We pray for everyone involved in this evil. I totally agree and appreciate your words.

See a Problem?

And I appreciate you acknowledging human roles as Well, even though your example was so personal. There are no easy answers to any of these tragedies. I feel the need to say — faith without works is dead. Such heavy and hard times for oh so too many. We just have to remember that God is still on His throne!

Cannot wait till that day comes. My sister was taken at age 66 by a maniac in Vegas that decided to take the lives of 58 people and wound hundreds. This was work of Satan and his minions. My wife and I suffered 6 months in jail for something we did not do. GOD has made some of these things work out to his glory but a day of judgement will bring justice to all whom the devil has picked to do his dirty work.

Leave it to our Lord and he will bring justice for all the evil. Bro Max your God given words have helped me over and over but these words resonate soundly in my heart. My son fought herion addiction for years and watched a talented kind hearted young man fall to the streets and prison.

Thru Gods grace he is clean now and trying to make it mowing lawns because he cannot find someone who will hire because of his record. I have cried more tears than I can remember and praise God that He saved the life of my son. I pray now that God will cross Dillons path with someone who will recognize a young man who needs a second chance. Please pray for him that he will stay strong and not give up the daily fight. So all the bad that happens in the world is the work of the devil? Max you are right. But psalm27 we have the light the strength of our in dwelling we have but to ask.

Rogers said look for those who will help. I believe no matter how bad it is our divine Father will use anyone anytime for what ever is needed. I thank God for you reminding us, that everyone has be judge, by God. And he is coming soon. Praise the Lord Jesus. Thank you for being a true man of God. There is no cure, more than likely I will be dead before I am I am 34, it may take body, it will not take my spirit. Also I am looking forward to the Resurrection day. Also, you showed me that evil will no longer exist. Thank you for assurrance that God will win in the end!!!

Notice I said Jesus believers not Christians. One can be a Christian but not believe in Jesus. Thanks for this brother. So true, Max. I am so ready for Christ to return again. In the meantime, we are constant prayer warriors. Thank you so very much Pastor Lucado! Thank you, this will change my life. My anger will no longer control me. I pray for forgiveness….. I pray for those hurt by wicked people.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Pastor Max! I needed to hear this message. It is harder n harder everyday. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus! Goon squads took my brother. The repeating attacks upon us began at early childhood. A mother who had no ability to love but my understanding of that has given me the strength to forgive her.

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  • But the damage of horrific physical and mental abuse, not only paved the way for the loss of my brother, it has brought about struggles my sister and I can barely withstand. That goon squad, which I have called that little black cloud, continues its attempt at destruction. My brilliant bright daughter was run over at 50 miles an hour, 2 weeks into her sophomore year of high school. Her traumatic brain injury erased who she was. Those effects along with my own brain damage from a brain tumor, led my husband into alcohol abuse and verbal abusive behavior towards me and our other 2 children.

    I did not act on that so God did. My husband chose to leave. I never divorced him or dated but prayed.

    The Face of Evil S01E06 Root of All Evil

    God answered my prayers not to become bitter. He and I are friends now. My health is unstable and chronic. My sister is mentally ill now after having an extremely difficult autistic son. She is also hooked on pain meds after numerous surgeries. We have both had numerous surgeries. I cling to the fact that God who began a good work in me cannot fail and will never leave me.

    The struggle though is daily and isolating. Your post today, the evil will not last forever, and especially the part about the attacks on your brother had me sobbing. I can barely hold back the tears now.

    Letter from a Region in My Mind

    I feel what Paul said, to die is gain. I will show compassion and kindness to all who are struggling. I will love. Well written article!!! God gave us the Commandments to guide us and The Bible to teach us. Glory to God! Thank you for those words, Pastor Lucado. This why it is so important to be feed by the Word. Many see injustice on earth, it is at the hands of men, not of God.

    In do time He will dispose of evil and injustice and He will punish those who have turned away from Him and His standards. How many more mass shootings can Americans take? Apparently as many as shooters want to dish out. Any country that tolerates, supports, and protects an insane gun culture, and a network of sociopathic organizations like the NRA and the GOP , and then wrings its hands and wails every time some Joe Average nut with easy access to war zone weapons chooses to unload on helpless citizens has no business feeling sorry for itself. So carry on.

    Watch your children getting blown to bits. Blame whatever idiot thing you fancy today it was doors…. The world outside your bubble has tremendous sympathy for the victims of these regular atrocities, and absolutely no patience with all the stupid ways you cope. Get outraged. March into the streets and force change.

    God is not going to come out of the sky someday and fix it for you. Thank you for so clearly reminding us that though life is not fair, God is. His judgement will be just and sure. Thank you Pastor Max, this is so comforting, when life has been painful for a while. One day soon, Jesus will return! Glorious day! Thank you for your heart felt life stories. I am so thankful for your minstructions to a world that is hurting. The scriptures talk about God coming as a thief in the night and I think we as Christians do not think enough about this.

    Very good reminder. A voice of reason in the chaos. God is God and there is no other. The evil will not always flourish and God is not deceived. Thank you for this Pastor Lucado. Hello Max, This post is so beautifully balanced. Thank you! Thank you for your ministry of always conveying the heart of God to people in the most relatable terms.

    Continued blessings to you, yours and your flock.

    Evil Without A Face by Jordan Dane

    May we all always focus on the heart of the issues with His heart like you do so well. When I saw Dee for the last time he told me he had whipped those demons and they held no control over him but sadly the war had consumed his body. We all will have our bodies consumed by this world no matter how we live but in Him death has no victory. Dee is with Him. I look forward to the day the God makes every wrong right.

    Meanwhile may the Lord strengthen His body and help us to live out our lives full of the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick and wounded and raise the dead and preach the gospel to a lost and dying world. They should see warning signs even prior to those displayed on social media. All of the answers we seek are within the pages of the Bible. Thank you. Thank you for your words.

    We have to realize this world is not our home. Ibn al-Jawzi d. This recognition obligates it to forgo [objecting to] whatever of this [wisdom] is hidden from it. Whenever a specific matter is unclear to it, it would hence be incorrect to then determine that the principle itself is invalid. What possible wisdom could there be in a young innocent child being killed?

    In the story of Prophet Moses and al-Khidr [], those apparently pointless evils were unveiled to show us the subtle strands of hidden detail in the Divine tapestry. This story demonstrates that we quite often cannot comprehend the ultimate wisdom behind apparent evils. In reality, though, these laws set this world as it was meant to be, and are there in order for life to serve as a stage for the test of life.

    Events have to exist that call for confidently appealing to God in supplication, courageously rescuing those in danger, and selflessly serving those in need. It is true that the laws God created to make life possible, stable, and enjoyable, are the same laws that sometimes make life painful and uncomfortable. The melting of glaciers does irrigate the land and quench the thirst of people and animals but may also result in destructive floods.

    Lightning provides plants with nitric oxide but may sometimes fatally strike down a human being. However, in all these cases, God created a natural law that offers a far greater good for the world than the occasional evil it causes. When sizing up our transient lives in this world, measuring them against the life of the hereafter, the problem of evil and suffering disintegrates. What are 70 years of supposed misery measured against, not 70 trillion, but endless years of unimaginable bliss?

    It is common to find atheists aggregating the incidents of evil in the world, piling them together to evoke the emotions of their audience, attempting to persuade people to anger against God. By appealing to emotion, they seek to highlight these pains and sufferings as if they were not exceptions but the rule.

    Sweet Justice

    Did you experience any distress? I did not experience any distress; I did not see a single hardship. The ugliest atrocities like those committed by Hitler and Stalin, or those perpetrated against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the saddest crises like those of starving children collectively amount to near nothing when compared to everlasting life. It is interesting how some people mock the pursuit of Paradise, but at the same time embrace painstaking years of study in order to earn a degree, to put some food on the table and a roof over their heads.

    To secure a home with limited walls no matter how spacious , and some food for energy no matter how delicious , we all consider it fair to invest and toil for years, yet some find it unfair to work for an unending unimaginable bliss. Therefore, although a mindful Muslim sees the problem of evil as making this life more meaningful, and hence remains immune to nihilism and apathy, he or she simultaneously sees the problems of life as seeds to cultivate their true life in the hereafter.

    Indeed, they see it [as] distant. Far from being distant or indifferent, Allah God as described by authentic revelation loves to give and forgive, even those who continue to get and forget. Simply put, that is His unique Sublime Nature. But for this forgiveness to take place, there must exist sins and sinners. If Allah wished for humanity to be sinless angels, that would not have been difficult for Him, but who then would these beautiful Divine traits envelop? Who would God redeem, and who would be mended after breakage by the Most Merciful? The wisdom of Allah necessitated that He appoint an appropriate remedy for every disease, and remedying the misguided requires the most difficult remedies.

    A compassionate doctor may cauterize the sick person, searing him with fire over and over again, in order to remove the foul elements that sabotaged his natural state of health. And if he believes that amputating the limb is better for the sick person, he severs it, causing the most severe pain. When an intelligent person reflects on the laws of Allah the Blessed and Exalted , His destined decree in this world, and His reward and punishment in the hereafter, he finds them perfectly suitable, appropriate, and interconnected. This is because it is all sourced in perfect knowledge, impeccable wisdom, and overarching mercy.

    Some may argue that a doctor would readily remove the painful element of treatment if he could, so why does God not purify souls without pain? What Ibn al-Qayyim suggests here is that it is the pain itself that serves to purify the wicked soul. Without repentance, indulgence in sin continues to desensitize its doer and blind them from seeing anything but their next moment of prohibited pleasure. This rescue comes in the form of a Divine reprimand and sometimes arrives just before their lives expire in heedlessness, by afflicting them or those near them. On the individual level, consider a person dying a slow and painful death from a terminal illness; most would judge this at face value as utterly tragic.

    Lastly, sacrificing a part to preserve the whole—when necessary—is something all prudent people find to be reasonable. Good and evil are two sides of the same coin, an inseparable cosmic pair that need each other to exist. Valor cannot exist without peril, forgiveness cannot exist without offense, and perseverance cannot exist without obstacle. The delight of satiety is only known to those bitten by hunger, and feeling quenched is only savored by those who experience thirst.

    There must be some manifestations of evil in order to attain the virtue of conquering them. As Hubert S. God deemed that there must be sickness, so that we would pursue and enjoy health, and that there must be failure, so that we would be interested in accomplishment. We will savor nothing of our lives on this earth unless we also taste its bitterness on our tongues, and feel its regrets streaming down our cheeks.

    Explaining how pain is the container in which pleasure is delivered, Ibn al-Qayyim says,. For that reason, He surrounded Paradise with hardships and Hellfire with temptations. Therefore, He did not remove him from it, except to readmit him to it a more perfect admission. Only God knows the disparity between the first entrance and the second. What great disparity exists between the pleasure and comfort of the believers in Paradise after enduring what preceded it, and their pleasure had they been created inside it. What great disparity exists between the joy of someone He relieved after affliction, and enriched after poverty, and guided after being astray, and collected his heart after its dispersal, and the joy of someone who did not taste those bitter pains.

    But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. A world without evil is like a world without good; neither possesses any meaning which a person would strive to actualize. Hence, when atheists demand a world without evil, they are simultaneously asking for a sterile world void of all good.

    If evil were absolute, the creation would be destroyed, and if pure good existed, then the trial of life would end and thinking would cease. With the cessation of thinking would be the absence of wisdom, and once choices vanish, then discernment will also vanish and the scholar will become incapable of verifying, deliberating, and learning.

    No knowledge would exist at that point, nor would investigating remain possible, nor would harm be repelled, nor would benefit be secured, nor would patience through difficulty and thanks through blessings exist, nor disparity in eloquence, nor competition in ranks. The joy of triumph and glory of conquering would be lost, and no righteous person on earth would find the gratification of being righteous, nor would any wrong person find the humiliation of being wrong, nor would anyone with conviction taste the coolness of certainty, nor would anyone in doubt be plagued with distress and haunted by the unknown.

    People would no longer hope nor be consumed by ambitions, their souls would be stripped of all purpose, their minds of all their fruits, and all things would lose their value and due right. In reality, true riches involve being content at heart. Since God showers us with an endless downpour of favors, devoting every wakeful moment to thanking Him is only fair, and that is why living an attempt at thanks Islam is the dearest thing to Him which He rewards eternally.

    However, noticing the value of gratitude and embodying it are two very different missions. As for the latter, few things can ever be as effective as experiencing hurt or deprivation in your own life, or the lives of those around you. Therefore, the very real disparities between those ultra-rich and those dirt-poor, those with large families and dejected orphans, those fully mobile and those perpetually bedridden, are but avenues through which the gift of gratitude is thrown right into our laps.

    Sudden deaths, horrific acts of violence, and natural disasters are but three of many ways God alerts people to the insignificance of this world. These tragic events remind us that life—no matter how long—is a journey that must conclude. In a blink and without warning, the blades of time sever hopes, dreams, and joys.

    This is like rain that causes plants to grow, to the delight of the planters. But later the plants dry up and you see them wither, then they are reduced to chaff. This analogy portrays how all this seriousness we see in the world around us today will—in an instant—be like aimless play and futile competition, except for those who invested it for yields in the afterlife. We human beings quickly forget things for various reasons.

    For this reason, God will sometimes interrupt the sweetness of life before we let our guard down, cling to its luxury, and forget our purpose. This was so they would not feel comfortable in it nor feel secure regarding it, and so they would aspire for the endless enjoyment in His abode and in His company. So in reality, He deprived them so that He would give them, and He tried them so that He would relieve them, and He put them to death so that He would give them [everlasting] life.

    God knows that hardly anything can awaken vigor like tribulation, so He periodically invigorates our lives with some turbulence. Once awakened and revitalized, human beings realize the reality of their existence, and feel propelled with newfound urgency towards living for things greater than themselves.