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However, the extent of detail regarding the children is very limited. A few tales about how sweet, funny and generous the kids were may be stepping over the line of what Jackson would have wanted and expected, but is by no means comparable to the bullshit they endure at the hands of a sensationalised tabloid media on a day-to-day basis. The relationship, or lack thereof, that Jackson had with his manager, Raymone Bain, was bizarre.

He believed she had an office.

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Jackson seemed to want to keep Bain as far out of the loop as possible at times, even restricting the bodyguards from reporting their movements to her. She was in charge of payroll, which was never in order and got worse and worse as time progressed. The bodyguards would sometimes go months on end without being paid, and not even Jackson himself yelling at Bain over the phone could get her to pay them. It also made you wonder why Whitfield and Beard did not quit — a question they ask themselves numerous times throughout the book, then go on answer.

Their frustrations over lack of payment and other things are expressed strongly but sincerely in the book. Ultimately their loyalties lied with their boss, Mr. Jackson — something that not many people can say for themselves. One person whose loyalties seemingly always lied with Michael Jackson was the late-entertainment attorney Peter Lopez, who receives one of the most glowing wraps of all the characters detailed in the book.

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The same goes for those who have not been characterized positively in the book. An interesting series of recollections involve Sony Music and the Thriller 25 project. If you had somehow dreamt up the notion that because Thriller 25 was released via Sony Music that meant Jackson had patched things up with the label and was on good terms with them, you are mistaken.

For me personally, his humanitarian efforts across the globe throughout his life are far more important than his artistry. Whitfield and Beard recall times when Jackson requested he be driven to the poorest parts of Las Vegas where the homeless community resides. Once there Jackson would crack the window of his vehicle ever so slightly and call the homeless people over.

From there Jackson would reach into a bumbag filled with hundred-dollar bills, and pass them to the homeless through the gap in the window. This was not for show. This was not a stunt. He did not want thanks. It came from the pure goodness of his heart. Some of the recollections are funny, and some are quite sad.

Some will leave you hanging for more and some may be difficult to digest. Nothing has been not fabricated out of thin air. There were no crazy embellishments to present things as more exciting than they were. The truth as Whitfield and Beard heard it, saw it, experienced it and recalled it. I am glad you are positive about it as I value what you have to say regarding MJ I look forward to reading it.

Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days

If you do get a reply from the children, please let us know. I heard they lied in the book and said Michael recorded Cascio songs. I have a theory about those cascio tracks…. As long as people keep buying the Michael Album they have money in the bank. It is a terrific read. Also I will tell you they confirm MJ slept and worked in the basement for hours a day. Uh oh, that does not jive well for the Cascio conspiracy theory bullshit.

Give me a break all you drama queens. There could be many reasons for the way they sound but I really feel like the truth about all of it lies with Eddie Cascio and James Porte. Idk maybe they intended to pull a fast one on the Estate, and maybe the Estate was fooled…. It sounds like someone trying to sound like Michael Jackson. I wonder if the Estate knew for sure.. Maybe after Michael died the brothers attempted to recreate those vocals with a sound alike so that they could make a buck off the estate…. You are likely correct, nobody truly knows except Eddie and James.

But to me all indications point to a very sincere and credible family, and that the songs were just of average sonic production. They were incomplete in various stages, and hence were pieced sub standard. Also for sale were various Bush Tompkins apparel. He said reteatedly he would not sell it.

I really think this is the reason for any continued involvement with Sony. When MJ died, imagine the Estate Executors, probably John Branca mostly, taking his place in a game that was allready in play, where their side was allready at risk of losing at any time. Us fans may have issues with who is running the Estate, but if the Executors were pushed out somehow, who would get controll of the Estate?

The IRS? I mean yeah if Sony gets it Sony wins.

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If the IRS gets it is that a stalemate? Not to say the Brothers arent more talented than the average person, BUT…. But in it are a handful of common themes that run throughout the book. During this time, Michael demanded that everyone in the family make appointments, with this exception of his mother. And as was with the offhand mention of Elizabeth Taylor and Roberto Cavalli, throughout the book you learn who Michael came in contact with through these final years.

There are multiple mentions of Will. When the job became stressful, that stresses out the reader. When there was doubt about working with Michael Jackson, you could really understand their internal struggles.

1. They Wrote the Book Because They Thought Jackson Fans Should Know His Personal Side

Whitfield: Any time we went to the movies, he insisted on bringing spray butter and hot sauce for the popcorn. When we realized our mistake, one of us would have to run to the store to pick them up. Anybody who insists on taking his own spray butter and hot sauce to a movie theater? That man is black, ghetto, and hood. Archive rembert.

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  • Michael Jackson bodyguards recall craziness of protecting the King of Pop.

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Remember the Time - Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days

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