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But it also highlights the lurking dichotomy between security and the protection of civil liberties, as the Internet matures and states inevitably in the view of the task force play a larger role in its governance. Unfortunately, the report itself fails to adequately define these terms—or to make clear the potential tensions and contradictions among these four goals. These trade-offs should be brought out into the open, so policymakers can navigate them. The following sections explore these trade-offs, in particular, and the findings of the report, in general.

Taming Global Governance Idea Chaos: A “Frontier Frame” for Recent Books

The report makes several fundamental, but contestable, assumptions about global Internet governance challenges. However, the engineers and technical experts who have long been responsible for managing Internet exchanges, protocols, and technologies worldwide continue to debate whether this is the case.

To be sure, states like China and Russia have repeatedly called for sovereign control of the Internet.

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The task force also correctly highlights the importance of the U. Only after it develops a clear vision and a strategy to implement it can the United States hope to foster new standards that protect intellectual property, copyright, privacy, and freedoms already afforded on the Web. The report also concludes that current policies related to critical infrastructure and cybersecurity are inadequate.

A more promising approach, as former Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg notes in additional comments appended to the report, would be for each relevant government department to incorporate cyber-related concerns into its work. Pre-owned: lowest price The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously.

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Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information The expansion of the Internet has been called the most revolutionary development in the history of human communications. It is ubiquitous and is changing politics, economics and social relations.

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Its borderless nature affects the roles of individuals, the magic of the marketplace and the problems of government regulation. As its development has increased apace, contradictions have arisen between existing regulatory regimes, private interests, government concerns, international norms and national interests. Unlike most areas where there are global institutions, and the role of governments is predominant, the Internet is a field where the private sector and civil society each have a role as important - or sometimes more important - than governments.

Based on international regime theory, this book analyses how the multi-stakeholder institutions have grown along with the Internet itself. Starting with an examination of how communications were regulated under the Westphalian system, John Mathiason shows how governance of the Internet started as a technical issue but became increasingly political as the management of critical resources began to conflict with other international regimes.

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