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Publisher: Games Workshop , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title The Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes have inducted young Ragnar Blackmane, but he must learn to control his bestial instincts in order to become an effective soldier. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Avoid anything written by Jonathan Green. People say good things about Abnett's Brothers of the Snake. RPGnet Member. Validated User.

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The first Space Wolf novel and only the first one. Dulahan Active member Validated User. The Horus Heresy books are for the most part almost all about Space Marines - there's humans in many of them too, but lots of Marine action. CrazyIvan C. The Horus Heresy books are decent. Brothers of the Snake or whatever is good if you want somewhat humanized marines. Don't read Angels of Darkness.

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Just don't. Hodden The Great Validated User.

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  6. Salamander, by Nick Kyme was good. Soul Hunter as mentioned above, is a sort-of sequel to Lord of the Night , and pretty good.

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    It's an excellent inspiration for designing a Chapter of your own. Horus Rising follows the Luna Wolves in the days before the Heresy. Excellent, ironic, and in-depth. The next two books are sequels in name only, and horribly, terribly derail the trilogy, as the reins are passed to Ben Counter and Graham McNeil, who aren't Still, it's a good start. After half a century apart, Space Wolves Ingvar and Gunnlaugr are reunited.

    Space Wolf (Warhammer 40, : Space Wolf) by William King

    Sent to defend an important shrine world against the plague-ridden Death Guard, the Grey Hunters clash with the pious Sisters of Battle, who see the Space Wolves as little better than the enemy they fight. As enemies close in around them and treachery is revealed, Gunnlaugr and his warriors must hold the defenders together — even as hidden tensions threaten to tear their pack apart. Chris Wraight is a writer of fantasy and science fiction, whose first novel was published in He's written several books set in the Warhammer and Warhammer 40, universes, including the bestselling Space Marine Battles novel Battle of the Fang.

    He doesn't own a cat, dog, or augmented hamster which technically disqualifies him from writing for Black Library , but would quite like to own a tortoise one day. He's based in a leafy bit of south-west England, and when not struggling to meet deadlines enjoys running through scenic parts of it. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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