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And the reverse is true, too - If you encrypt with the private key, you can only decrypt with the associated public key. The math is pretty amazing and involves very large prime numbers and factorization. RSA keys are usually used when you have two physically separate endpoints. RSA encryption is often used in web browsers to connect to your favorite websites, in VPN connections, and in many other applications. We use asymmetric encryption every day. AES encryption is great when we have a constrained environment.

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For example, if we encrypt data in a database, we will decrypt data when we need to access the database. Another example is hard drive encryption - we encrypt the data written to the disk, and decrypt it when we read from the disk. Encryption and decryption will take place on the same platform and in the same context. AES encryption is great for this particular use case.

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That is why it is commonly used for protecting data at rest. RSA encryption is really great when we have two physically or geographically different end-points. If I am encrypting data in San Francisco, and you are decrypting it in Dubai, I am likely to use RSA encryption because it is ideal for two separate end-points.

I can encrypt data with an RSA public key at the originating end-point, send it over an unsecure web connection, and decrypt it with the RSA private key at the destination end-point, and not worry about who might intercept it in the middle.

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RSA encryption is great for protecting the transfer of data across geographic boundaries. But we have a bit of a problem with RSA encryption - it is really poor from a performance perspective. I might want to send you my sensitive file, but encrypting that with RSA is going to be difficult due to the low performance of RSA encryption. No problem!

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AES is not the only symmetric encryption method. While they may be good encryption algorithms, they have not achieved the status of accepted standards, and so you should avoid them. RSA is the granddaddy of asymmetric algorithms. But is is not the only accepted standard for asymmetric encryption. Elliptic Curve Cryptography ECC is also in wide use usually combined with a symmetric algorithm and is an accepted standard for asymmetric encryption.

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You should feel comfortable using ECC for asymmetric encryption needs. While AES encryption is the most commonly adopted encryption method, you should be aware that there are multiple modes of operation that can be used with AES. These are also specified in the standards. Because raw AES in ECB mode can leak pattern information when encrypting large amounts of data, it is common to use a mode of encryption that incorporates an initialization vector.

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Cryptography is one of the smartest ways to protect the information on your network and reduce the risk of security breaches and attacks from hackers. And because implementing cryptography is a complex process, you need the practical advice and proven techniques contained inside this official guide.

You'll also read actual case studies detailing different types of security vulnerabilities and what types of cryptography applications would prevent attacks. This book will show you how to: distinguish different types of symmetric-key encryption algorithms and know where each is best used; find out how password-based encryption works; communicate safely over unsecure channels using public-key technology; use public-key technology for authentication and non-repudiation; recognize how corporations use cryptography to improve security through real-world case studies; get details on current PKI standards and technology including vendor information; understand X.

Improve security and protect your company's information with the most authoritative guide to cryptography available.

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